Shathayu Retreat

Shathayu plays a key role in promoting holistic wellness which encompasses five major dimensions of complete well-being – Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Social and Lifestyle. We offer complete health and wellness solutions under one roof. Our premium Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy retreat with international standards offers a truly perennial dreamland like ambience overlooking a hill on 3 sides and a lake on the other.

  • Established
  • Perfect Body
    Physical well-being involves on one side maintaining a good health and on another side to treat the occurred disease.
  • Perfect Mind
    Emotional and psychological well being to a person is equally important as physical health.
  • Perfect Spirit
    Spiritual health is important tofor our total well being and an integral part of holistic health philosophy.


Accommodations at Shathayu Retreat ranging from Luxury rooms, Deluxe rooms and Standard rooms having relaxing balconies with stunning hills and lake views. Rooms are designed in contemporary yet comfortable style to blend in with natural environment.

Standard Room

Deluxe Room

Luxury Room


Plant your tree

We love when our guests plant trees and name it, as we see the joyous moments of them through ceremonial planting and adding value to nature.

Music therapy

Music being the universal language of mankind one can truly heal with music with relaxing either on deck chair or sitting in a sacred place or enjoy music in nature.


This healing system resolves around five basic elements of nature that is air, water, fire, earth and space. In this there is no involvement of medicines.


Different variety of meditation techniques are used to calm and relax your mind. Meditation gives you piece, clarity & positivity towards life.

Ayurveda and Spa therapies

Relaxing and rejuvenating therapies have more than just rehydrating skin. These therapies are designed to make you healthier, younger and energetic. Therapeutic spa treatment heal your body, mind and improve your immune system.

Outdoor adventure & challenge

Culinary experience

Spiritual Insights


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